About Inscryber


Inscryber is a fan-made project celebrating Daniel Mullins' Inscryption. This game captivated me from day one, and after seeing other fans make their own custom cards I decided this would be a fun project to make the process easier.

After many long days and sleepless nights, here we are.

It is far from a perfect piece of kit. If you find bugs with it, let me know via Twitter. If there are more bugs than I am prepared for, I'll make a formal process for reporting them.


No cookies are used in this site \o/ Fuck that.

When you upload an image to this site, it is stored on Cloudinary with a publicly available link. Any images you upload will be visible to people if they have the link, and to those with access to the Cloudinary folder. To mitigate this, images are deleted 6 hours after upload.

Get Involved

This tool is completely open source and transparent. If you want to inspect the code, do so on GitHub. Or, if you want to see how badly managed it is, find it on Trello.


  • Card base created by @vladdeSV.
  • Blood font type, additional cost numbers, blank cost background created by @anAverageUsersName.
  • Act 1 themed energy costs created by @Annieplyer.
  • Act 3 card template adapted from the design created by @DMizuomo.
  • "HEAVYWEIGHT" font created by Nerfect Type Laboratories.
  • Additional card assets found in the Inscryption discord by @Cyantist.
  • This website created by @delete44
  • And, of course, Inscryption created by Daniel Mullins